Our vision for this church is

“Lifting You Higher”

 Obviously our main purpose is to share the amazing news news that God loves you, His Word is truth and the Holy Spirit is as living and active as ever, but as well as lifting Him higher, we are also about lifting YOU higher. 

We aim to help you through clear, practical and relatable teaching, to help the community through our Elevate Care Centre and by us all having a great time while doing so!

We invite you to join us on a journey together, one that will be enriching, equipping and exciting.

We would love to welcome you very soon!

Pete Jones  –  Pastor

Elevate Care Centre

Alongside Elevate Church, we are also in the process of developing the Elevate Care Centre, this is situated nearby and will house many valuable services such as a food bank, counselling services and will enable access to other education and well-being resources.

Read on to find out more about the heart of Elevate Church.



We are a FAMILY

where everyone belongs and is always growing, we are welcoming and friendly. Our relationships are authentic and based on family values of honesty, integrity, kindness, caring, generous, honouring, considerate and respectful.


where everyone is involved and able to serve, we have clear and relatable teaching, and we aim to remove any barriers to faith.

We are ACTIVE,

making a difference, influencing our community and reaching out.  We meet needs and demonstrate God’s love wherever possible, through ministry and service. We equip each other and provide support where necessary.


that God will save, move, heal, supply, restore and give wisdom and grace. We are thinking BIG and expectant that the best is yet to come!

Our Beliefs

We are an Elim Church, the largest Pentecostal denomination in the UK. Founded in 1915, Elim continues to grow year on year with over 550 churches reaching many of the villages, towns and cities in every region of the country.

To find out our core beliefs please read them here: